The Future of Sobriety with Annie Grace

Annie Grace Sober Curious podcast This Naked Mind Ruby Warrington

Episode Notes

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With her 2015 book This Naked Mind, Annie Grace was the original pioneer of the “new sobriety” movement. In this episode, she shares about the push back she received at the time, how attitudes have changed, and her belief that the biggest advances in society always come from outside of the existing paradigm.

Annie and her work have been a huge inspiration to Ruby on her Sober Curious path, and in this fascinating conversation we hear the origin story for Annie’s book, along with a peek inside her “naked mind.” Other topics covered include:

-Getting death threats after she published This Naked Mind—and how she persevered with her mission.

-How her unconventional upbringing helped hardwire her for curiosity.

-The other books, thinking, and philosophies that have inspired her.

-The biggest challenges she faces as a sober person and the tools she goes to.

-The ways she has found to escape and manage stress without alcohol.

-Creating better boundaries and recognizing what she can no longer tolerate in sobriety.

-Why more people questioning their drinking is part of a bigger shift in consciousness.

-What she thinks is the future of the sober curious movement.

Discover more about Annie and her work and listen to her podcast at thenakedmind.com and find her podcast HERE.

This episode was created in collaboration with Grüvi and Lyre’s.