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Let's Talk About (Sober) Sex

Join Ruby Warrington and special guest Tawny Lara for a live recording of the Sober Curious podcast. How quitting drinking will effect your sex life is one of the most common fears – and one of the least talked about. As a regular contributor to Playboy, and somebody who came out as bi and quit faking orgasms only AFTER she got sober, Tawny is the perfect person to answer all your (and Ruby’s) sober sex queries!

Oct 24, 2019, Brooklyn, NY. Get all the details HERE.


Mocktail Mingle & Book Talk

Join author Ruby Warrington for a thought-provoking talk and Q&A based on her trending 2019 book, Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All On The Other Side of Alcohol.

Oct 10 2019, Little Rock, AK. Get all the details HERE.


A Sober Curious Salon

In Sober Curious, I invite readers to question: “how different would your life be if you stopped drinking on autopilot? Maybe stopped drinking altogether?” And in this enlightening salon, I will provide insider insights from my own path spearheading a movement away from the dominant drinking culture, as well as why I believe the future is Sober Curious. Refreshments by Grüvi.

November 7 2019, Denver, CO. Get all the details HERE.

Astrology of 2020 Ruby Warrington The Numinous Denver October 8 2019

Join me for an enlightening talk and Q&A on the Astrology of 2020. Astrologers have been talking about the cosmic events of the coming months for decades, as January 2020 kicks off with a rare astro happening that will send a ripple across the globe. I will break down exactly what to expect, and also give a sign-by-sign overview of how each of us will be impacted personally. Refreshments by Grüvi.

November 8 2019, Denver, CO. Get all the details HERE.


Sober Curious retreat

Sobriety can be a conscious lifestyle choice available to everyone invested in their overall well-being. Join me on this weekend workshop for a series of interactive sessions to:

-Debunk the myths and common fears about giving up alcohol
-Build mental fortitude and rebalance emotional well-being
-Find your own path to a healthier relationship with alcohol, yourself, and the world around you.

Feb 14-16 2020, Kripalu, MA. Get the details HERE.

Note: This is not an addiction recovery program. If you are worried about your drinking, please contact your local AA support group.