What We’re Craving is Connection with Chris Marshall

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Episode Notes

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Alcohol is often used as shortcut to connection – but it’s no substitute for the real thing! In this episode we hear from Chris Marshall, founder of booze-free bar Sans Bar, about how his craving for connection was what fueled his addiction, and his mission to change the face of sober socializing forever.

Chris is a natural story-teller, and, with a background in counseling, he’s also very skilled at self-analysis. Listening to him unpack the subconscious beliefs and unmet emotional needs behind his drinking shows the positive impact of doing this inner work – of working out your WHY – no matter where you’re at on your sober or sober curious path. In this episode we also discuss:

-The danger of avoiding social situations in sobriety

-The difference between healthy alone-time and isolating

-The incident at age five that shattered his confidence and sense of self

-Making choices that back up negative subconscious beliefs

-Knowing alcohol was a problem for him the first time he tried it aged 16

-Perceiving drinking to be the only path to connection – when it actually pushed people away

-His two experiences of rehab – and the question that became the turning point in his sobriety

-The role of anti-depressants in his recovery

-The importance of getting professional help when needed

-The origin story of Sans Bar and how he got his concept off the ground

Chris will be taking Sans Bar on the road for a 15-stop tour in 2020. Get more info HERE and follow along on Instagram for all the latest updates.

This episode was created in partnership with Grüvi and Lyres.