Veganism and Food Addiction with Victoria Moran

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Changing how you drink can shine a light on how you eat. This week’s guest is Victoria Moran, an author, activist, podcaster, and producer, who has been a pioneer of veganism since her first book on the subject was published in 1985—and I invited her on the show to talk about what she sees as the common ground between being sober curious and veg-curious.

With a history of compulsive eating, which she got sober from with Over Eaters Anonymous, Victoria is also a non-drinker—having decided at age 19 she didn’t want to risk becoming addicted to alcohol. In this episode we discuss: 

-The power of having an accountability buddy when making or breaking a habit.

-Being a vegan pioneer for 37 years – and the similarities between the meat-free and alcohol-free movements.

-Veganism as a celebration of life – and the role of animals in our ecosystem.

-Victoria’s history as a compulsive eater – and her recovery with Over Eaters Anonymous.

-Her decision aged 18 never to start smoking or drinking.

-How to host a sober vegan party (for meat-eating drinkers).

-Emotional conditioning versus rational thinking when it comes to our addictions to food and drink.

-Thinking about veganism as a “good karma” diet.

-The science that makes cheese as addictive as cocaine – and what makes some foods more addictive than others.

-Living a life of integrity and “spiritual fitness” – and her definition of both.

-The long-term health impact of our lifestyle choices.

Discover more about Victoria and her work HERE follow her on Instagram HERE and check out her Main Street Vegan podcast.

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