Understanding Anger with Lama Rod Owens

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Ruby talks to author, teacher and activist Lama Rod Owens about his new book, Love and Rage, which offers a new perspective on anger as a powerful tool for liberation—and an emotion that is deeply interwoven with the subject of substance abuse.

Considering all that we have to be angry about in the world today, this subject and this book feels incredibly relevant. Especially as unprocessed anger can lead to depression and self-harm when turned inward against ourselves. In this episode we discuss: 

-Lama Rod’s definition of anger—and how it can be a tool for liberation

-How to use anger in a constructive and restorative way

-How alcohol and anger are intertwined – as we use it to numb our frustration or to express pent up anger

-Practices for moving through anger to help us process it in a healthy way

-Anger as a fuel for activism – and how to infuse our ongoing social justice work with the energy of love

-How fear of anger prevents difficult yet necessary conversations from happening

-The emotional labor of managing our own reactivity – and the violent reactions of others

-Why we are living through “apocalypse” – and sobriety as its own version of this

-The importance of working with complexity and understanding that the path forward lies beyond the binary

-Why comfort is the antithesis of progress and positive change

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