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My guest this week is Samantha Moyo – an activist, artist, and creative expansion coach.

I asked her on the podcast, because she is also the original founder of Morning Gloryville, which was the first sober morning dance party when it launched back in 2013. Sam shares the origin story of what became a movement that helped millions of people

Since she moved on from that role, she been pretty involved in the activism scene and has also worked with all sorts of organizations, teams, and individuals to help bring the humanity and the creativity back into what they do.

For me Sam is the definition of a “free spirit” – and our conversation goes to some pretty wild and out there places. I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart while listening. I should also include a trigger warning – as about half-way through our interview, Sam shares why she decided to start drinking again after her years as a figurehead for sobriety.

There’s also plenty of sex and general spiritual rock ‘n’ roll throughout, so it’s probably not one to listen to with your grandma. In the episode we discuss:

-Her role in the origin story of the original sober dance party, Morning Gloryville.

-Searching for ways to find pleasure, joy, and self-expression without substances.

-Bringing the “erotic” – our joyful life force energy – to everything we do.

-Her definition of “unapologetic living” – and how she came to focus on this in her life and work.

-How cancel culture has prevented people from feeling safe to express themselves.

-Seeing herself as a “soul” first and foremost – before any of the intersecting identities she embodies.

-Creating her own spiritual practices for moving stuck energy through her body – including “tree humping” (!!) and howling

-Getting back to the primal self and living beyond societal conditioning.

-Having the courage to live as ourselves – without judgement.

-Why it’s essential to resource yourself with community, nature, love, and other healing practices before you quit drinking.

-Having a glass of wine during lockdown – and her attitudes to drinking now.

-Why she thinks activism is dead – and creativity is the new activism.

Discover more about Sam and her work HERE and find all the details for her upcoming Creative Expansion Program HERE. You can also follow her on IG @mysticmoyo

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