The Zero-Proof Revolution with Niki and Anika Sawni

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Episode Notes

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“Zero-proof” is following in the footsteps of the meat-free movement—and Grüvi founders Niki and Anika Sawni are leading the charge. In this episode, they share the origin story of their brand, which begins with a family outing to a cannabis legalization party …

Raised in a super health-conscious home, Niki and Anika didn’t grow up around booze, but that didn’t stop them getting sucked into the college and tech industry drinking cultures. Having since become pioneers in the alcohol-free space, in this interview we also discuss:

-The legalization of weed creating a need for non-alcoholic drinks.

-Moving the whole family – along with the dog – from Toronto to Denver to start the business.

-The benefits and challenges of running a family business.

-The links between sobriety, self-belief, and entrepreneurship.

-Sober Curiosity as a mindset of growth and progress.

-Feeling the peer pressure when opting out of college drinking culture.

-Binge drinking as a stand in for relaxation in over-achievers.

-Using hangovers as  motivation for the “punishment” of being healthy.

-Why Big Alcohol moving into the zero-proof space will only be a boost for the industry overall.

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