The Yoga of Sobriety with Eddie Stern

Eddie Stern Sober Curious podcast Ruby Warrington

Episode Notes

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In this fascinating conversation with yogi and author Eddie Stern, we learn what’s happening in our bodies when we crave a drink—and how the science of yoga is designed to help us understand it is what we really need.

Eddie shares his own early history with drugs and alcohol, and the discovery that led him to quit all substance use aged just 19. In this episode we also discuss:

-Being attracted to the risk-taking behavior of drink and drugs.

-Using psychedelics as a way of seeking meaning and self-fulfillment.

-Using yoga to achieve higher states of consciousness.

-The experience of “being awareness” vs. changing our awareness …

-Learning how to fully inhabit our body and understand its urges.

-Using substances to forget the limitations of the physical world.

-Perfectionism as a pointless—and addictive—pursuit.

-Developing a neutral mind and practicing non-attachment.

-How yoga supports the body’s homeostatic function—and all the ways this can get out of balance.

Check out Eddie’s new book, One Simple Thing, and follow him on Instagram to soak up more of his yogic teachings!

This episode was created in partnership with Grüvi and Lyres.