Dancing it Out with DJ Hanzi

DJ Hanzi reprieve sober curious podcast

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DJ Hanzi, founder of sober dance party, Reprieve, talks about the healing power of music + how to navigate the nightlife as a non-drinker. In the episode we discuss:

-How his experiences of going clubbing sober led to him setting up his sober dance party, Reprieve

-How he kept the party going during Covid – and how it became a place for people to release tension and find hope

-The therapeutic value of music and dancing when it comes to our mental health

-Why dancing sober can be so intimidating – and how to overcome your shyness on the dance floor

-Hanzi’s journey to sobriety – and why alcohol was the last substance he got around to giving up

-Why problem drinking sometimes doesn’t look like “problem drinking” – and why sobriety isn’t just for alcoholics

-How “partying” comes to be equated with getting high, and how to reclaim our right to play

-The value of creating a more mainstream conversation about mental health, alcoholism, and addiction

-How making time for FUN can fight fatigue and fuel us in our fight for a most just and equal world

Learn more about Hanzi and Reprieve HERE and follow along on Instagram @djhanzi and @reprieveparty

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