The Rock Bottom of Rock Stardom with Moby


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The second volume of Moby’s memoirs, Then It Fell Apart, begins with the musician and animal rights activist charting the unexpected and phenomenal success of his 1999 album, Play. We go on to witness his rapid addiction to the rush of overnight mega-stardom, and the hedonistic lifestyle that comes along with it.

A classic tale of sex, drugs, more sex, more drugs, and some rock ‘n’ roll, his story is interwoven with snapshots of a lonely, unstable childhood and adolescence, providing context for his desperate need for love and validation. The result is a no-holes-barred portrait of an epic rock bottom, which also illustrates in lurid detail the ways our past will catch up with our present, no matter how hard and fast we try to escape it.

As well as Moby’s subsequent sobriety and spiritual awakening, in this episode we also discuss:

-Addiction as a response to the human condition

-Sobriety as a bi-product of the raising of consciousness

-Figuring out how to be human in a sustainable way

-The value of evidence-based thinking when it comes to getting sober

-Our collective addictions to meat and to money

-The balm of seeking divinity in the day-to-day

100% of the proceeds from Moby’s twin memoirs, Porcelain and Then It Fell Apart, will be donated to animal rights organizations. For a full list of book-related events, readings, and signings, visit Moby.com