The Power of Optimism with Aaron Rose

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Aaron Rose is an activist, coach and spiritual guide, who’s mission is to help create a world “where we all thrive as ourselves.” Positioning optimism as a key component of meaningful and progressive social change, Aaron credits his sobriety with helping him hone this message.

Originally recorded as the US goes into week 3 of lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Aaron’s work has never felt more relevant or needed. In this episode we discuss:

-How to re-train yourself to expect the best.

-Why like attracts like, making optimism an essential part of bringing about positive change.

-Aaron’s background as a Facebook “comment crusader” – and what made him change his approach to social justice.

-The subconscious programing that only knows how to feel hurt, hopeless, or under attack – and how we can begin to re-write this.

-How to separate our feelings from the story we are telling ourselves and what we believe about the world.

-Learning to feel and process painful feelings so that they are no longer running the show.

-His sobriety as part of an overall awakening and raising of consciousness.

-The meaning and practice of “shadow work” and its role in healing our wounded parts.

-Rediscovering prayer on his own terms – having rejected his repressive Catholic up-bringing.

-Cultivating your own authentic frequency so you’re less susceptible to external influences and agendas.

Learn more about Aaron Rose and his work HERE and follow him on Instagram @aaronxrose. You can also access his “Future World” meditation HERE.

Ruby also mention’s Charles Eisenstein’s must-read essay on the pandemic —you can find that HERE.

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