The Joy of (Sober) Sex with Tawny Lara

Tawny Lara Sober Curious podcast Ruby Warrington

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When writer and podcaster Tawny Lara quit drinking … she also quit faking orgasms! In this episode, which was recorded live at the alcohol-free Getaway bar in Brooklyn, she talks to Ruby about all the ways getting sober impacts our dating life and intimate relationships.

Topics covered include:

-Sex as a performance – and how alcohol enables this.

-The positive influence of feminist porn.

-Being honest and vulnerable about what you want, in and out of the bedroom.

-Drinking as a way to mask body image issues.

-Taking the guilt out of pleasure.

-Self-pleasure as a practice of self-acceptance.

-The things we don’t get taught in sex ed …

-Crying as an emotional orgasm.

Tawny Lara is the co-host of the Recovery Rocks podcast. You can discover more about her work HERE and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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