The Astrology of Addiction with Bess Matassa

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My guest today is the brilliant astrologer and author Bess Matassa. Bess is a long-time friend and collaborator of mine, and I knew she would be the perfect person to bring on for this episode on The Astrology of Addiction.

Now, I know this topic might be a bit “out there” for some of you. But I am confident that whatever your interest in or thoughts about astrology, you will find plenty that you can relate to in our conversation, while having your mind blown just a little bit along the way.

Ultimately, Bess and I use astrology less as a divination tool for “predicting” future events – and more as a language of symbols to describe the more numinous, or unknowable and unnamable, aspect of being human. That is, the part of being human that we are often attempting to either run towards or away from when we are reaching for alcohol and other drugs.

We get into how we can use astrology for self-awareness – and as a way of looking at our addictive tendencies. We also go into some specific astrological teachings that listeners can apply to their own lives and Bess shares the details of how she came to be sober curious herself.

PS: this conversation was originally recorded as part of Sober Voices Flow. In the episode we discuss:

-Bess’s own journey with substance abuse and her current relationship with alcohol

-How astrology and alcohol have served a similar purpose in her life – but both with different outcomes

-How astrology can help connect us to the concept of a “higher power”

-The concepts of “fate” and “free will” and when to accept life as it is and when to take control

-How knowing your astrological birth chart can help you understand who you are and what you need

-Being guided by our feelings as much as our thoughts

-A primer on how to read your astrological birth chart – and why we all contain all the astrological “signs”

-Specific examples of how to use astrology on your sober curious path

-Why life gives us friction and challenges to work with in order to help us grow

-How astrology can help us understand individual differences in terms of values and needs

-How current astrological transits are shaping thinking about addiction and mental health

Bess Matassa is an astrologer and the author of The Numinous Cosmic Year – a total, interactive guide to the astrology of 2022. Learn more about Bess and her work HERE and use the code COSMICMOCKTAL for 20% off a personal reading with Bess.