The Abstinence Myth with Dr. Adi Jaffe

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Episode Notes

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Is it the challenge of lifelong abstinence that keeps so many people from addressing problem drinking? In this week’s episode, I talk to Dr. Adi Jaffe, author of The Abstinence Myth, about his theory that quitting doesn’t always have to be forever.

It’s a controversial stance, and one that pivots on the fact that when you have a problem with alcohol, alcohol isn’t the problem. Rather than demonize the booze, Adi’s approach is to focus on addressing whatever a person is medicating (with alcohol and other drugs)—the theory being that problematic drinking will be eradicated along with these underlying problems. A former habitual drug user himself, and now “regular social drinker,” in this episode Adi and I also discuss:

– His personal history with drug abuse, and what led to him getting hooked

– The four factors that influence the way we use substances: biology, psychology, location, and spirituality

– Why only you can take responsibility for the way you are drinking

– Finding your purpose as a key to sustainable “recovery”

– Sitting in the discomfort to get clear about what needs to change in your life

– Honesty and radical self-acceptance as the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol

Follow Adi on Instagram and learn more his work at www.igntd.com. You can also hear him speak, along with over 20 leading names in the wellness space, at IGNTD Glow—a 3-day holistic recovery event in Los Angeles, October 18-20 2019.

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