Sobriety + Success with Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso Sober Curious podcast Ruby Warrington

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Serial entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso quit drinking several years ago as an experiment – and it completely changed the way she views booze, and in particular the role of alcohol in our working lives.  Like many of us, she used it as quick way to switch off and a counterbalance to overworking, as well as to feel more confident about herself and her networking abilities. In this episode we also discuss: 

-Drinking her way through the success of her twenties – and using booze to hide her imposter syndrome.

-The role of alcohol in the workplace and when this becomes problematic.

-Drinking to be the “cool boss” and the bad example this set for her team.

-The role of alcohol in her relationships, and why her current partner wanted her to quit drinking.

-The difference between a “concerned” partner being caring or controlling when they comment on your drinking.

-Quitting drinking for a year as an experiment and her attitude to alcohol now.

-How to build real confidence in business and in life.

-Leaning heavily on food and TV during COVID.

-How to be intentional about fostering connection in the workplace – without it revolving around booze.

-What it means to have work-life balance in an always-on hustle culture.

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