Sobriety & Self-Belief with Vasavi Kumar

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Vasavi is a real force of nature, and she shares her story about using alcohol and cocaine to be all the things she thought other people wanted her to be—and how it was after getting sober that she finally discovered how to be herself. She was also diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD at age 20, and shares how, at the time, getting high was a way to explain away her manic and often self-destructive behaviors, which opens up a wider dialogue about substance use and mental health. In this episode we discuss:

-Vasavi selling her soul to cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, and people pleasing, in her desperation to fit in

-Getting clear on who you are and what you want before you decide what to do with your life

-Losing touch with her inner voice – and sense of self – in the depths of her addictions

-The shame we feel around having needs, and asking for them to be met

-Using alcohol and other drugs to feel more attractive

-The danger of looking for validation and self-worth in social media

-Why cocaine became her “thing” – and how she also used it to medicate her bipolar disorder and ADHD in college

-How easy it is to be influenced by the company you keep – especially when you lack connection to yourself

-Why being a “high-functioning” addict can make it harder to quit

-Being rejected by her traditional Indian-American family following her divorce

-Not allowing yourself to treat yourself like shit

-Being diagnosed with bipolar at age 20 and why she chose to get off her medication after she got sober

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