Sobriety, Intuition, and the Tarot with Lindsay Mack

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Episode Notes

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When quitting drinking is a catalyst to deep soul healing, a massive awakening, and a whole new career! In this episode, Ruby talks to tarot reader and healer Lindsay Mack about how sobriety was a gateway to the breakdown / breakthrough that helped her finally confront the ghosts of the past and step into her healing gifts.

A survivor of childhood abuse, Lindsay acknowledges how she turned to medicating with alcohol as a stand-in for more profound healing modalities—and how this prevented her from moving on for good. In this episode we also discuss:

-What our body is telling us when we have an allergic reaction to alcohol.

-Using alcohol to mask misunderstood intuitive, psychic, and empathetic healing gifts.

-Being the only sober person in a family of “passionate drinkers.”

-The breakdown / breakthough that led to her addressing her childhood trauma and PTSD.

-Emotions and feelings as signposts for how to use our power and our gifts.

-Alcohol as a way to perpetuate abuse and self-harm when it’s all we know.

-Using the tarot to understand addiction and as a tool for self-healing.

You can learn more about Lindsay and her work at Lindsaymack.com and check out her podcast, Tarot for The Wild Soul, for more mystical wisdom.

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