Sobriety, Equity, and Self-Worth with Arlan Hamilton

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Episode Notes

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This week’s guest is Arlan Hamilton, an entrepreneur and founder of Backstage Capital – a venture capital fund that invests exclusively in high-potential, and what Arlan calls “underestimated” founders, meaning people of color, women, and/or who identify as LGBTQ.

Arlan shares her back story as a high-functioning alcoholic, including how she even managed to secure the first investor for her fund while sleeping rough on the floor of San Francisco airport and drinking every day. Her drinking history took many turns before she found the book that changed EVERYTHING (clue: it’s not Sober Curious!)—while realizing her own worth has been integral to her staying sober.

In this episode we also discuss:

-Being a high-functioning habitual drinker.

-How she justified and normalized excessive drinking.

-Alcohol as a way to de-sensitize herself to over-stimulation.

-A disastrous attempt to replace booze with marijuana to manage anxiety.

-Learning to understand her value and getting “financial sobriety.”

-Why, when it comes to inequality of society, it is time to stop live the “drunken lie.”

-Why money, like alcohol, only makes you more of what you already are.

You can learn more about Backstage Capital (including the 2020 tour) HERE and follow Arlan on Instagram.

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