Sobriety, Anxiety, and CBD with Adam Reed


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Social anxiety is one of the key drivers behind alcohol abuse—often stemming from low self-esteem. My guest in this episode is celebrated British hairdresser Adam Reed, who become one of my first Sober Curious role models when he quit drinking in 2011. I’ve since followed his story—and rising star—from afar, and I invited him on because I wanted to hear his whole journey from obnoxious, angry drunk, to mega successful entrepreneur and mentor.

This interview is raw, and emotional, and real, and I came away from our encounter feeling like we had met properly for the first time, despite moving in the same circles for years. In this episode, we also discuss:

  • Being bullied as a child for being gay—and the imprint it left on him.
  • The drunk “persona” he hid behind to stop people getting close.
  • His personal (and very public) rock bottom—and the destructive behaviors that led to it.
  • The importance and impact of interventions from friends.
  • The tools he has found to manage anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia post-booze.
  • Becoming an advocate for CBD and how to use it therapeutically.

You can learn more about Adam and his work and follow him on Instagram HERE.

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Sobriety, Anxiety, and CBD with Adam Reed