Sobriety and Allyship with Hakeem Allen

Hakeem Allen anti-racist social club sober curious podcast

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My guest this week is Hakeem Allen, founder of the Anti-Racist Social Club, and we discuss why sober curiosity and anti-racism work go hand-in-hand. Hakeem’s organization aims to help people have more open, constructive, and, dare I say, fun, conversations about race, so that white people in particular can learn about what it really means to be a good ally.

Now, I know I talk about race a lot on this podcast – and conversations like these might seem a little out of place here. But in my experience, the process of un-brainwashing ourselves about booze is very similar to the process of un-learning deeply in-grained racial prejudice – something we are all being called to in this era of momentous social change. In fact, we also discuss how racism is like the twin pandemic that we are fighting as a collective – and, as with COVID, the more we can all work together, the better.

Having quit drinking two years ago, Hakeem also has some great insights and advice about dating sober – especially in the pandemic, when people are having to get even more creative about how to meet people and connect. In the episode we discuss: 

-The backstory to him setting up the Anti-Racist Social Club.

-Why he’s on a mission to make talking about racism fun – by removing the guilt and the shame.

-Why anti-racism work is good for our mental health.

-How the process of recovering from racism mirrors the process of recovering from substance abuse.

-How substance abuse disproportionately impacts black and brown communities.

-Why we all do better when we all do better.

-Hakeem’s sober curious journey – and how one Dry Jan led to him quitting completely (even though he never had a “rock bottom”).

-Why we often have to justify not putting poison (alcohol) in our bodies to others.

-Replacing having a drink to cope with hard times with seeking ways to feel connection.

-His approach to dating sober and how to make other people comfortable with your choice.

-Why social justice work is not an “us-versus-them” equation.

Learn more about Hakeem and his work HERE and follow @theantiracistsocial.club on Instagram.

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