Sober Masculinity with Aubert Bastiat

Aubert Bastiat Sacred Sons Sober Curious podcast

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My guest today is Aubert Bastiat – who is the co-founder of Sacred Sons, a global brotherhood that facilitates gatherings, workshops, and trainings focused on helping men discover a healthy connection to their masculinity.

It has always struck me that substance abuse goes hand-in-hand with unhealthy – or what is often termed “toxic” – masculinity. Alcohol especially can enable a three-dimensional caricature of what it means to “be a man”- aggressive, violent, sexually entitled – that causes so much harm in the world, and I knew that Aubert – who has a background of addiction and recovery would be the perfect person to speak to this.

Our conversation goes to some deep, vulnerable, and incredibly inspiring places. In the episode we discuss:

-Discovering substances as a teen growing up in a deeply dysfunctional home

-How our “emotional inheritance” can manifest in self-destructive behaviors

-The impact of having an absent father on his sense of self as a masculine being

-The “magical awakening” that led to him finally getting sober

-Why spirituality is an essential component of recovery – and why organized religion is another form of patriarchy

-The definition of a “sober masculinity”: responsible, mature, emotionally intelligent, and protective

-Seeking personal power vs. power over others

-Gravitating towards men’s consciousness raising work as part of his own journey of self-discovery

-What we are really seeking when we reach for alcohol and other drugs

-The concept of brotherhood and reclaiming the word “bro”

-What he plans to teach his sons about alcohol and other substances

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