Self-Healing in Sobriety with Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo sober curious podcast

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Ruby talks to artist, author, and transformational coach Alexandra Roxo about her new book F*ck Like A Goddess, which is a modern manifesto for self-healing through self-awareness. Alexandra describes “self-healing” as a process of learning how to accept and integrate our deepest fears and most painful wounds. Very relevant here as unexamined, and therefore unhealed, trauma is the root of so many of our addictions, as we often develop an unhealthy relationship with substances and other numbing behaviors in an attempt to ‘fix’ these hurting parts.

We go to some pretty deep places in this conversation, which also touches on the healing potential of altered states – with and without the use of various sacred plant medicines. In this episode we discuss:

-Why self-healing often means sexual healing.

-The trauma done to each body seen as “weaker” in the dominant patriarchal paradigm.

-The lasting imprint of child abuse—and how this is behind so many addictions, self-harming behaviors and chronic diseases.

-The meaning and the process of shadow work, and how this helps us process trauma.

-Why healing has to happen in the body as well as the mind.

-How you can use breathwork to bring about altered states to aid the healing process – without the need of substances.

-How we can become addicted to fixing ourselves – and how this is different from real healing.

-Accepting the hard things that happened to us as part of the healing process.

-Why pain and trauma are a normal part of human life, and why it’s so hard for us to accept this.

-Using tabacco to self-soothe her nervous system as a teen.

-Use vs. abuse of plants as medicine.

-Sitting with discomfort as a way to expand our resilience and experience of being human.

-Sobriety as its own self-healing journey.

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