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My guest this week is Carolyn Collado – the healer and educator behind Recovery for the Revolution. Carolyn is on a mission to make recovery accessible to all—meaning, they are devoted to spreading the message that all people, including and especially people of color, disabled people, and trans, non-binary, and queer people, are worthy of the care, autonomy, love, good health, pleasure, and joy that are essential for addressing issues of substance abuse.

For Carolyn, recovery – meaning, a remembering and honoring of who we are underneath all of our traumas and numbing behaviors – is an essential part in enacting revolution. A message that could not feel more timely right now. No matter our identity, we’re all being asked to get hyper present and real about how we got to this place – and in this episode we discuss why this requires both sober thinking and deep, active listening. Thank you for showing up for this. In the episode we discuss:

-Their definition of both “recovery” and “revolution” – and why we can’t have one without the other.

-Incorporating the stories of our ancestors into our recovery today.

-Forgotten generational tools for healing and connection.

-What it means to “move at the pace of safety” in our personal and collective healing.

-Drinking keeping us compliant in systems of oppression.

-Using alcohol to let go of perfectionism – and then seeking to control their drinking.

-Binge drinking as a way to suppress their queerness – and seek sexual validation from white men.

-Their experiences in AA as a non-binary person of color.

-Embarking on a path of deeper spiritual work as part of a more holistic recovery.

-The opportunity for us in recovering all of our senses – including our sense of injustice.

-Carolyn and I also discuss the books Love & Rage and Radical Dharma.

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