Reasons to Quit with Mia from The Sober Glow

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My guest today is Mia from The Sober Glow – who was one of the very first “sober influencers” that I encountered on social media in my early days of getting sober curious and in this interview, Mia and I both reflect on how we have evolved on our respective sober curious paths.

We also cover the unique challenges of being a non-drinker during a global pandemic, finding new ways to manage stress, why Mia recently archived all her old Instagram posts, and how one of the biggest gifts of removing alcohol has been greater self-acceptance.  In the episode we discuss: 

-Her reason for quitting drinking six years ago – and how this has evolved

-Why she no longer describes herself as “sober” and prefers the term “non-drinker”

-How the real work of “sobriety” begins after you have removed the booze

-Working as a nurse during the pandemic and having to find new ways to cope with stress

-The practice of “yoga nidra” – and how this helps her regulate her nervous system

-Why using THC to help her sleep is not the same as being “Cali-Sober”

-Why intention counts for so much when creating new behaviors around alcohol

-The discomfort – and honesty – of undergoing big personal changes as a “public figure”

-The responsibility that comes with being an “influencer” and how important it is to retain integrity with what we’re sharing online

-How deciding to stop dying her hair went hand-in-hand with her quitting drinking

-Why the pandemic has helped us identify and prioritize what we want to keep in our lives

-Why her current focus as a non-drinker is how she shows in for her relationships

-The work it takes to maintain our friendships and the value of nurturing our IRL connections

-Why it’s more important to be authentic than to try to be “for everyone”

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