Quitting For The Kids with Clinton Schultz

Clinton Schultz Sober Curious podcast Ruby Warrington

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Clinton Schultz, is an aboriginal psychologist and founder of the alcohol-free brand, Sobah Beer. Clinton’s work sits at the intersection of sobriety, social justice, and psychology, and he and his wife Lozen created Sobah in part to raise cultural awareness and promote the Aboriginal arts, language and history. As well as his own journey to sobriety – which was sparked by his young son asking him if he would please stop drinking “silly drink” – we discuss why binge drinking and alcoholism are so prevalent in nations with a colonialist past, and how booze is often used to medicate unhealed intergenerational trauma.

Other topics include: 

-Drinking to medicate unhealed wounds of his traumatic upbringing.

-Alcohol being a way to conceal a lack of belonging that has pervaded Western society.

-Why binge drinking and alcoholism are so prevalent in nations with a colonialist past—such as the UK, North America, Australia, and South Africa.

-The pain of living with pent-up inter-generational trauma.

-The problem with labels and how you can be a problem drinker without using the term “alcoholic.”

-The need for more access to alternative healing modalities.

-The aboriginal view of holistic wellbeing, and how mindfulness and meditation have their roots within indigenous cultures.

-The difference between aboriginal psychology and Western psychology.

-Quitting drinking as a healing path in and of itself.

-The fact that life will always be stressful—the key is to find ways to manage it that work for us.

-The reasons younger generations are choosing not to drink.

-Clinton’s six “Principals of Law” for healing as individuals and as a society.

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