Opioid Addiction and Me with Dan Peres

Dan Peres Sober Curious Podcast Ruby Warrington

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Ruby talks to As Needed For Pain author Dan Peres about holding down his high-profile media career in the grips of his opioid addiction, his attempts to get clean, and what it took to finally kick his 60-pill per day habit.

In this episode, we also discuss:

Why Dan waited until he had 10 years of sobriety before writing his memoir.

-The insidious nature of opioid addiction.

-Why he found pills despite working in an industry that is awash with booze and cocaine.

-How he kept his addiction hidden from his colleagues, family, and friends.

-Career status as part of an addiction to validation.

-Wanting to be special vs. wanting to be normal.

-Fear of withdrawal and the physical addiction to opioids.

-The cornerstones of his sobriety today.

-The advent of the opioids crisis.

-His attempt to score heroin – and how his story may have turned out differently if he had.

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