Microdosing and Mental Health with Will Siu MD

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Psychiatrist Will Siu is a leading voice in the realm of psychedelic therapies, said to be especially effective in addressing addictions of all kinds. In this interview, he responds to the question about whether these substances are appropriate for somebody who is living a “sober” life, as well as discussing the trending topic of microdosing—the practice of imbibing minute amounts of psychedelics, and which is said to help with everything from social anxiety, to productivity, and creativity.

In this episode we discuss:

-The definition of microdosing.

-Why the term mainly applies to psychedelics—and not necessarily substances like cannabis and MDMA.

-The intention behind using substances this way; whether for healing, for creativity, or to improve focus and productivity.

-The potential for microdosing to replace alcohol as a social lubricant.

-Why it’s very difficult to become “addicted” to psychedelics or microdosing.

-Whether this practice is compatible with living a sober curious life.

-The legalities of microdosing in different parts of the world and how this is changing.

-The value of peer-to-peer therapy and how to be vulnerable and authentic with one another.

-How guided psychedelic experiences can help people heal from addiction.

-The risks of drinking versus the risks of psychedelics.

-The importance of community and interdependence for our mental health.

Learn more about Will Siu and his work HERE and follow him on Instagram @will.siu.md. You can also listen to our previous podcast on Psychedelics and Sobriety HERE. (Will’s portrait: @noamekhaus)

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