Marijuana and Me with Brandon Alter

Brandon Alter Sober Curious podcast Ruby Warrington

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Quitting cannabis is rarely if ever addressed in sober circles. Like alcohol, cannabis use is very socially acceptable, but it’s also widely seen as pretty harmless, and is not even considered to be addictive.

All of these factors make it difficult to spot when it’s become a problem – and many habitual smokers may see themselves in this very nuanced conversation with spiritual healer Brandon Alter, where we also discuss the deep healing that can happen when we really choose to show up for ourselves and for life. In this episode we discuss:

-The medicinal properties of weed – and when medicinal use becomes habitual use.

-The intrinsically personal nature of substance use and abuse.

-Weed becoming legal making it easier for people to talk honestly about their experiences with it.

-Reaching for things externally that we are not able to give ourselves on the inside.

-When getting high goes from being an altered state to a person’s “normal.”

-The spiritual energy of weed as plant medicine.

-How, over time, seeking “instant zen” with marijuana atrophies our ambition and ability to take action in our lives.

-Acceptance as an active choice you make.

-Smoking as a way to survive the life he “thought” he wanted.

-Quitting to step more fully onto his path as a spiritual healer.

-The concept of “soul retrieval” as it relates to the process of recovery.

-Working the 12-step program with a sober coach – and the most important part of the process.

Discover more about Brandon and his work HERE and check out his podcast The Spiritual Gayz

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