Living Your Truth with Laura McKowen

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Episode Notes

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In this episode, author Laura McKowen shares how being honest with oneself and others is one of the cornerstones of living a sober or sober curious life—something that she illustrates with at times brutal clarity in her brilliant memoir, We Are The Luckiest.

A self-confessed “little white liar,” her story into and out of addiction, and her perfectly imperfect struggles to make sense of it all, is a literary gem, and a must-read for anybody on this path. In this episode we also discuss:

– Why “permission to question everything” is what felt honest on her path to sobriety.

– What being “sober curious” means to her.

– How her boozy career in PR and marketing enabled her addiction.

– The impacts of drinking on motherhood – and her views on navigating the toxic “wine mom” culture.

– Her first sober party – and how she learned to socialize sober.

– Her experiences with AA and her conflicted feelings about the 12-step program.

– The most important practices in her sober tool-kit.

– Writing as a tool for recovery and her favorite books.

You can learn more about Laura and her work HERE, follow her on Instagram @laura_mckowen, and order a copy of We Are The Luckiest HERE.

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