Living Toxin-Free with Jordan Younger

Jordan Younger Sober Curious podcast Ruby Warrington The Balanced Blonde

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Jordan Younger, a.k.a The Balanced Blonde, quit drinking as part of her healing from Lyme disease. In this episode she talks to Ruby about sobriety for holistic wellbeing, being a highly-sensitive person in a toxic world.

In this episode, we also discuss:

-Jordan’s boozestory and early life as a party girl

-Turning away from drinking culture after she turned 21

-Not drinking on her bachelorette and at her wedding

-Hearing the message to “never drink again” during an ayahuasca ceremony

-Connecting to her alien “pleiadian” ancestors (!)

-Her childhood OCD as a sign of an addictive personality

-Addiction to “healthy” eating as a raw vegan blogger

-Managing social media addiction when Instagram is an integral part of your work

-Dealing with judgement about her unconventional wellness journey

Discover more about Jordan and her work HERE and follow her healing journey on instagram @thebalancedblonde.

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