Intuition Under the Influence with Natalie Miles

Natalie Miles Sober Curious Podcast Ruby Warrington

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My guest this week is professional intuitive and psychic medium Natalie Miles. Natalie is best-known for her brilliant podcast, So You Think You’re Intuitive, and she and I have connected very deeply over the past year, as I helped her create and publish her debut book, You Are Intuitive, with my self-publishing imprint, Numinous Books.

During this process, I came to realize that intuition – that is, our own innate knowing about the choices that are the right for us—is integral to being Sober Curious. Ultimately this path is about learning to trust and take actions based on our own lived experience with alcohol and other substances, versus going with the societal messaging and peer pressure about how we “should” be engaging with them, what is “normal” or safe consumption versus substance abuse, and what addictive behavior even looks like.

I invited Natalie on the podcast to talk about all of this, as well as provide tips and guidance for accessing our intuition day-to-day. We also discuss why we’re so obsessed with trying to predict and control future outcomes, and how drinking can make us feel more “tapped in” even when it is actually robbing us of our agency and personal power. In this episode we discuss:

-How to tell the difference between intuition, ego, and fear.

-How past experiences—including past traumas—unconsciously influence both our choices in the now and our future outcomes.

-Using alcohol and other substances to shut down the anxiety of our ego/fear voice.

-Letting go of our need to control our emotional state and attach to future outcomes.

-Using substances to connect to our intuition—and how alcohol and weed can trick you into feeling more connected.

-Giving our power away to booze—and why often trust alcohol more than we trust ourselves.

-Natalie’s journey getting sober curious and how this coincided with her becoming a professional intuitive.

-The difference between “letting go” and “surrender.”

-Different ways we can access ourselves on a daily basis—and what is means to practice “energetic self-sovereignty.”

-Why it’s so hard to make “intuitive” choices when it comes to our drinking.

-Natalie’s experiences of dating sober during the pandemic.

Discover more about Natalie Miles and work and get your copy of You Are IntuItive HERE.

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