How To Party Sober with Ruby Warrington


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In Western society, “party” is also a verb—meaning “to get wasted.” In this episode, I unpack how I believe we came to associate parties with drinking, and address the concerns of non-drinkers who want to feel like part of it—without feeling pressured to get out of it.

Summer is the time of picnics, weddings, and vacations, and often of them all awash with alcohol. But being Sober Curious doesn’t have to mean the end of your social life. Set against a backdrop of a sober visit to the Movement techno festival in Detroit, in this episode I discuss:

-Why parties, concerts, and nightclubs are often just excuses to get wasted

-The real reason we sometimes have an emotional hangover after a night out

-What I discovered when I started going to music festivals sober

-Bringing something to the party that’s not a bottle (as well as your own AF drinks)

-Using music alone to “pre-game” and get you in the party mood!

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