How To Be Happy with Light Watkins

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Light Watkins is a renowned author and meditation coach. As founder of the alcohol-free events series The Shine, he has also been a bit of a running buddy of Ruby’s in terms of spearheading the “new sobriety” movement.

We dive in by discussing the power and the potential of social media activism, and go on to talk about Light’s own sober journey – including how he consciously weaned himself off alcohol over a period of months, and how quitting drinking 20 years ago actually paved the way for him becoming a meditation teacher. We also discuss what it really means to be happy, and how current world events represent a collective rock bottom – offering us all the opportunity to “get sober” from toxic systems and beliefs. In this episode we also discuss:

-How to respond to events versus react in ways that may inadvertently cause more harm.

-The benefits of both meditation and sobriety for developing an “observer’s mind.”

-How to “get good” at meditation.

-The different “qualities” of happiness that are available to us and how to experience them.

-Light’s story of quitting drinking – and how this paved the way for his career as a yoga and meditation teacher.

-The “pendulum” effect of going cold turkey – and how to wean yourself off alcohol.

-A different way of thinking about moderation.

-Quitting eating meat as the start of his  sober journey.

-Sobriety and meditation as part of the path to paving a “new normal” when it comes to our definitions of success and happiness.

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