High on Our Own Supply with Luke Simon

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I first met Luke when I started attending all kinds of far out healing circles in the mid- 2010s, when he was known as one of the co-founders of the now sadly shuttered Maha Rose Center for the Healing Arts in Brooklyn.

A sensitive and artistic soul, Luke’s work in the healing space led to him investigating ways to get high on his own supply – and in this episode we discuss why we use alcohol and other substances to get high, when there are so many other ways to access joy and lightness and high vibes.

We also talk about the important of self-love and self-acceptance, which includes accepting our mistakes – subjects Luke unpacks in his memoir, Venus Juice, which tells the story of when he tried (and failed) to find love and make it as an Instagram healer in LA. In the episode we discuss:

-The “social experiment” of socializing sober.

-The aggressive nature of the drinking culture when you’re a sensitive person.

-Creating sober social spaces where people can feel safe to let loose.

-Shifting from wanting to check out and lose ourselves to actively trying to find ourselves.

-Drinking as a “get out of my responsibilities for free” card.

-Healthy ways to lose control.

-Finding your sober friends and being accepted for who you are.

-“Laughter yoga”—and other ways to get high on your own supply.

-Why we think we need alcohol to have fun as grown-ups.

-How to keep reaching for “high vibes” without bypassing the realities of life.

-Looking for love in booze and other drugs – and how to love yourself.

-The importance of failing and making mistakes.

Get your copy of Luke’s memoir, Venus Juice: When I Tried to Live in LA, HERE, and follow him on Instagram @lukesimon_mystic.

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