Healthy Hedonism with DJ Paulette

DJ Paulette Sober Curious podcast Ruby Warrington

Episode Notes

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When you’re a professional DJ, drinking comes with the territory. In this week’s episode, Ruby chats with DJ Paulette, a nightlife veteran of 27 years, about her decision to quit booze after a diabetes scare, and the impact of this on her party friendships.

Now in her early 50s, and with her career still going strong, this is also a story of how Paulette learned to prioritize her own wellbeing. Having experienced mental health issues in her 20s, these reappeared after she became the chief carer for her mother after she became sick, while also battling an opioid addiction. In this episode, we also discuss:

-The challenges of being sober curious as a nightlife professional.

-The links between drinking and diabetes.

-Navigating friendships in sobriety—and being honest about your “why” for not drinking.

-The very personal choice not to medicate mental health issues.

-Signs of “carer fatigue”—and why it’s important to ask for help when you’re a helper.

-Alcohol and its effects on the menopause.

-Top tools for managing your moods naturally.

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This episode was created in partnership with Grüvi and Lyre’s.