Healing With Self-Hypnosis with Shauna Cummins

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My guest this week is Shauna Cummins – a professional hypnotist and author of new book, Wishcraft.

I have worked personally with Shauna several times over the years, and not only has her work been hugely helpful for managing anxiety and burnout, the theory behind it completely fascinates me. We often have a negative view of hypnosis, thinking of it as being some sort of mind control, when actually it’s a way of taking back control of our own imagination to help ourselves get unstuck – one of the reasons it can be so helpful when addressing issues with addiction.

In our conversation, we do an in-depth break down how this works, as well as discussing ways to access the well of inner resources that can help us get through the most challenging times – without having to reach outside of ourselves. In the episode we discuss:

-Why hypnosis can be helpful for addressing addiction – and why you have to want it to work.

-How to tap our own inner resources and help ourselves make the changes we want.

-Using self-hypnosis to access inner healing states.

-Why we spend most of our modern lives in a state of “trance” (and how social media capitalizes on this)

-Teaching herself to regulate her nervous system as a child.

-The difference between “fantasy” and “imagination”—and how the former becomes addictive.

-The “inner drug store” we can access when we learn how to manage our emotions and thoughts.

-Becoming conscious to the ways advertising and political propaganda use hypnosis and mind-control against us.

-The spectrum of susceptibility – and how this applies to substance abuse.

-“Pre-gaming” with self-hypnosis to help resist getting sucked into groupthink around drinking.

-Treating the addicted mind like a little child … and becoming your own loving inner parent.

Learn more about Shauna Cummins and her work HERE and order your copy of Wishcraft: A Guide to Manifesting a Positive Future HERE.

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