Grey Area Drinking with Holly Whitaker


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Holly Whitaker has been a pioneering voice in addiction and recovery since the launch of her Hip Sobriety platform in 2014, which recently relaunched as online sobriety school Tempest. In this wide-ranging conversation, Holly and Ruby get into the nuances that exist on the subject of grey area drinking—and where the “sober” and “sober curious” communities both differ and overlap.

As well as her opinion that “there is no such thing as an alcoholic” (and her super progressive thinking on this), Holly shares deep insights from her work at the leading edge of the sober revolution. In this episode, she and Ruby also discuss:

-Holly’s views on the “The New Sobriety”—and why more people quitting booze is so much more than a lifestyle trend

-How the capitalist credo of seeking happiness outside of ourselves is what begets addiction

-Why AA was a “non-starter” for Holly, due to its patriarchal programming

-Her definition of “problem” drinking (clue: it’s as soon as alcohol presents as a problem in your life)

-Holly’s tips and advice on how to socialize, switch-off, and date as a non-drinker

Holly is also founder of media platform The Temper. You can learn more about her online sobriety school Tempest HERE and follow her on Instagram @holly.

*This episode was created in partnership with DRY Sparkling