Eating Disorders & Us with Jayne Mattingly

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My guest today is Jayne Mattingly – a therapist and eating disorders recovery coach, and the founder of Recovery Love and Care.

I’ve wanted to have a conversation about how eating disorders fit into the landscape of addiction and recovery for a long time, partly because of my personal history with anorexia. It was only while writing Sober Curious that I became fully aware that this is absolutely a part of my addiction story. But I had shied away from talking about it publicly as, a) I feel a lot of shame about having been anorexic, and b) I know what a controversial and potentially triggering subject this can be.

Then I started to do some more research, and I discovered that 50% of individuals with eating disorders also abuse alcohol or other drugs, a rate five times higher than the general population. Which I think is significant enough that we can’t not talk about it. In the episode we discuss:

-What makes eating disorders and addictions very similar – and very different

-How all eating disorders develop as  ways to dissociate and manage difficult feelings

-Why we live in a “hostile recovery environment” when it comes to both eating disorders and alcohol abuse

-Why people with eating disorders often present as very “high functioning” – and how this can hinder intervention

-Why there is such a huge overlap between substance abuse and eating disorders

-The racist, ableist roots of diet culture and fat phobia

-The link between eating disorders and ADHD medication – and how this can be safely managed

-The prevalence of orthorexia – an addiction to healthy / clean eating

-Why our relationship to food often mirrors our relationships with people

-What attachment theory can tell us about disordered eating

-Why self-acceptance—not self-love—is the key to healing body image issues

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