Clarity & Connection with Diego Perez

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My guest this week is Diego Perez – you will likely know by his Instagram handle @yung_pueblo. 

I invited Diego on to talk about his new book, Clarity & Connection, which are two of the qualities which go hand in hand with being Sober Curious. What not so many people know, is that Diego quit all “intoxicants” many years ago, after hitting his own rock bottom with alcohol and other drugs – and that this has been an integral part of his career as a writer and deep meditator.

He shares all the details of his self-directed recovery in this episode, as well as personal details about how being sober curious and developing greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence has positively impacted every aspect of his life.

I think this might actually one of my all-time favorite episodes. As his readers will know, Diego has a unique ability to share deep spiritual truths in a way that makes them super accessible and our conversation was filled with aha moments for me. In the episode we discuss:

-Alcohol as one of the empty promises of consumer culture.

-His own background with substance abuse and when he decided to quit all drugs.

-Why an attachment to pleasure prevents us from addressing why we feel bad.

-Quitting alcohol and marijuana to deepen his meditation practice.

-Recovery as a process of uncovering our true self.

-Paying our recovery forward for the benefit of future generations.

-How deeper self-awareness leads to deeper connections with others.

-The process of letting go – and how not to throw more tension at our tension.

-Developing a neutral mind towards alcohol and other things we have developed attachments and aversions to.

-How sobriety and being on the spiritual path has impacted his relationship with his wife.

-How to navigate conflict in relationships – and how not to always need to be right.

-How he approaches his writing and his creative process.

Get your copy of Clarity & Connection by Diego Perez HERE and follow him on IG @yung_pueblo.

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