Changing How We Drink with Ben Branson

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Seedlip founder Ben Branson created a whole new category when he launched the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits in 2015—one that not only provided those abstaining with something new to drink, but which has also done so much to normalize the choice not to drink. Regardless of your reasons for going alcohol free.

Since then, the “no-and-low” category has exploded, with so many alcohol-free options on the market helping people make the conscious choice not to drink. In this episode we discuss:

-The Sober Curious movement taking root thanks to the information age.

-What it means to be a conscious consumer – and how to make responsible choices in all areas of our lives.

-Why alcohol is not a match for life in the modern world, where our time and energy are our most valuable resources.

-Why the goal is to make it “normal” not to drink – as opposed to sexy, aspirational, or cool.

-The radical position of identifying as a normal drinker … with a drinking problem.

-How to live in the discomfort of being “in between” two truths.

-What informs Ben’s drinking choices now, as a figurehead in the alcohol-free space.

-The best places in the world to get an alcohol-free cocktail.

-Valuing the whole experience of a social event and the art of connection.

-The advent of “rage rooms” – and other ways to process difficult feelings in the Now Age.

-What Ben sees as the future of booze.

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