Booze, Politics, and Personal Power with Laura Willoughby

Laura Willoughby Sober Curious podcast Club Soda Ruby Warrington

Episode Notes

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Quitting drinking is both a personal and a political act. In this episode, Ruby talks to Club Soda UK founder Laura Willoughby about reconnecting with her activist roots through sobriety, and how drinking in the face of adversity is a sure-fire way to give away your agency and personal power.

Laura shares her drinking history as a young politico who became disillusioned with the system, as well as her journey creating one of the biggest sober / sober curious communities both on and offline. In this episode we also discuss:

-Living life in “high def” – and feeling all your feelings.

-How alcohol changes the wiring in your brain.

-The lasting impact of ladette culture and “feminist” hard drinking.

-Drinking dreams and what they mean.

-How to create and host your own sober meetups.

-Navigating the booming alcohol-free drinks industry.

-Not drinking as an act of rebellion (and how to be a non-drinker and still fit in).

-Embracing shades of grey when it comes to quitting.

Learn more about Laura and Club Soda HERE and join the community on Facebook. You can also pre-order the Club Soda book, How To Be A Mindful Drinker (out Dec 26 2019) HERE.

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