Body Image Sobriety with Sara Clark

Sara Clark Ruby Warrington Sober Curious podcast

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Yogi and educator Sara Clark talks to Ruby about her experience of overcoming bulimia and exercise addiction, and the link between eating disorders and substance abuse.

In this episode we  discuss:

-Over-exercising as a way to numb feelings of inadequacy.

-Workout culture as part of a fat phobic ideology.

-A sexual trauma at college triggering her first bout of bulimia.

-Disordered eating among women of color.

-Her experience during and after treatment.

-Our addictions as part of our identity.

-What it means to have “thin privilege.”

-Cultivating an inner feeling of “okay’ness” first and foremost.

-Yoga as part of her recovery – and the healing power of mantra and breath.

-Fat phobia as part of the legacy of white supremacy.

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