Alcohol & ADHD with Jayne Matthews

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Celebrated hair stylist Jayne Matthews on how getting a midlife diagnosis of ADHD helped her make sense of her substance abuse. In the episode, Ruby and Jayne discuss:

-Why discovering cocaine was what finally led to Jayne quitting drinking

-Why it was the hangovers – not the drinking – that became the reason she had to quit

-The dangers of being a high-functioning addict

-Jayne using booze to self-medicate her undiagnosed ADHD symptoms

-Why both alcoholism and ADHD are said to run in families – and whether this is about genetics or learned behaviors

-Not doing well in school and drinking being something Jayne could be “good at” in her teens

-Why ADHD symptoms sometimes look like PTSD

-Dealing with the shame, disappointment, and irritation of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world

-How Jayne’s ADHD traits have helped drive her business success

-Jayne’s thoughts on ADHD medication given her history with addiction

-Why we are seeing a spate of mid-life ADHD diagnoses – among women in particular

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