Launched in fall 2013, The Numinous is a conscious lifestyle platform incorporating an online magazine, live event series, and monthly mentoring program. Our content bridges the gap between the mystical and the mainstream, and, as a leading voice for the "now age," The Numinous has become part of a movement towards a global shift in consciousness that’s about experiencing life—and each other—on a whole more meaningful level. 


The hub of all things Numinous, where you'll find articles on everything from astrology and the tarot, to interviews with the hippest modern mystics and info on alternative healing practices.


the numinous presents

High-vibe event series bringing the Numinous content to life. Think dinners, workshops, healing circles, and international retreats, featuring the work of our most trusted contributors.

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moon club

Launched in collaboration with film-maker and coach Alexandra Roxo in fall 2016, this monthly mentoring program features weekly LIVE online events timed to the phases of the Moon.