Mixed Feelings About Mothers Day

Like many of us, I have mixed feelings about Mother’s Day. As a person with mixed feelings about how I was mothered, the annual Prosecco-and-cupcakes fest stirs up a confusing swirl of resentment, guilt, sentimentality, anger, and nostalgia. Against the backdrop of what has been a devastating year for mothers everywhere, I doubt I am […]

Why is the C-word The Hardest Thing to Say?

I had the idea for my next book in late December 2019. As with all my major projects, the title downloaded simultaneously into my consciousness before the concept was fully formed: Selfish Cunt. I wanted to write about women not having kids, both in celebration of this alternative life path, and as a way to explore […]

On Cancelations, Call-outs, and a Culture of Hypervigilence

2/21/21 (that was yesterday) is marked “JK Day” in my Google cal. This is because February 21, 2021, based on the pub date of 12/1/20, is Day 83 in my latest book, The Sober Curious Reset, which is an interactive workbook that takes people through 100 days alcohol-free. Each “day” has a different question for readers […]

I’ve Had One Too: Why We Need to Keep Talking About Abortion

I had my abortion at age 23. It was 1999; half a lifetime ago. I had been with my now husband, the Pisces, for just three months when I fell pregnant, and I was fitted with an IUD at the time. I had also had my first period in years shortly after meeting him, my […]